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Data halls and Data hosting facilities require specialised, programmed cleaning schedules to maintain a spotless, dust-free environment. We offer the ultimate contamination control and maintenance program that can be tailor made to suit your most critical requirements.

Our experienced operations management together with our professional, qualified, uniformed staff together with the use of HEPA filtered vacuuming equipment and specialist products will service above, high level and sub floor areas in order to completely eliminate all traces of traffic wear and tear, dust particles and contaminants greater 0.03microns in size.

All exposed surfaces are vacuumed and hand wiped, including equipment, racks, high-level infrastructure, piping, cables and light fittings, using our imported patented Anti-Static surfactant cleaning solutions throughout every phase of our cleaning process and schedule.

Australian IT Services will prepare detailed schedules for computer & data centre cleaning, timelines, service and cleaning reports and at the conclusion of each scheduled service, run mandatory health checks for zinc whiskers and provide (on request) air particle analysis tests and reports.

We also provide programmed shutdown ‘clean-care’ maintenance for Server and Cabinet internals’, a critical maintenance service that assists in reducing the risk of equipment failure due to dust and operational contamination.

Our computer room services are designed and programmed to suit your maintenance requirements, time-lines and individual room or installation specifications, we also provide emergency after hour’s services during weekends and evenings.

We supply and fit specialty Data centre and data hall products such dust control mats, tacky mats, sticky mats, walk off mats in a variety of sizes, brand name tile lifters and clean room shoe (Booty) covers, at very competitive prices. See Data Centre Products & Supplies.

We also provide Air Scrubbing units capable of scrubbing and cleaning air to Data areas at a rate of 840 cubic metres per hour, a valuable asset and effective tool when you are running a refurbishment or construction activity. See Contamination Air Quality Control.