COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 “Hot-Spot” Sanitisation: 

The Data Centre & Comms Room Cleaning Service Nobody Saw Coming

As businesses around the world continue to close in response to the developing Coronavirus pandemic, one critical sector remains open – to store, transfer and protect the world’s data & communication during this heightened period of global interactivity: Data Centres & Comms Rooms. Unfortunately, these rooms don’t run themselves…

Businesses are taking every precaution possible to ensure the health & safety of their Data Centre & Comms Rooms’ operational staff, whose ‘essential’ job it is to oversee these areas during this volatile time. 

While the nature of Australian IT Services’ technical cleaning service has been, until now, primarily focused on maintaining optimal functionality of these environments to prevent catastrophic system failure, we’re extending our focus to ensure your staff – as well as your equipment – are not exposed to potentially deadly external contaminants, like COVID-19. 

Our new “Hot-Spot” Sanitisation Team has already been deployed to Data Centres & Comms rooms around the country to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

This team focuses on disinfecting multi-touch points in mission critical areas that can spread the COVID-19 virus within your facility, including… 

  • Common area door handles/push plates (inside & out)
  • Rack/distribution cabinets – door handle touch points
  • Office, security, NOC rooms areas (technical ICT equipment sanitisation – phones/keyboards/workstations/desk areas)
  • Light switches
  • Security keypads/intercoms

These are areas that “general” cleaners typically don’t have access to for security reasons, and often lack the technical know-how to clean. In many cases, they simply don’t have the grade of chemicals required to sanitise these high-traffic areas. 

Our Hot-Spot Sanitisation Team consists of the same highly trained and security cleared technicians we use for our technical service, only now they are equipped, trained and tasked with additional sanitary procedures and chemicals to ensure your staff are protected as best as possible during the pandemic. 

Requests for our new Hot-Spot Sanitisation Service have skyrocketed since announcing the offering to existing clients, and we now have limited capacity to extend this service to new clients.  

Rest assured, due to the hygiene & sanitary nature of this service, Australian IT Services is recognised as an ‘essential’ service, and under current restrictions legally permitted to continue operating to ensure the protection of your Data Centre & Comms Room staff. 

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