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Whether you are replacing or up-grading air conditioning units, installing new doors, removing a wall, drilling a hole or just performing plain maintenance, sub micron particles of dust are produced in massive amounts and quickly become airborne during these works. These dust particles range in size from .03 (micron) to 5 microns and can very quickly become a cause for equipment failure.


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Sub-micron particle contamination resulting from dust and dirt can lead to unexpected shutdowns of mission critical data centre equipment and the connection between contamination and hardware failures is often overlooked.

Contamination (dust) from construction activities is the main cause of this contamination and may cause problems if it is not managed.

Damage of mission critical equipment such as servers, switches and even computers is often caused by dust created by the building processes and tools used by contractors.

The simple solution is to provide temporary sealed work areas within the work area or communication room to enable construction or refurbishment works to proceed. We also provide HEPA floor mounted air scrubbers on a daily, weekly or monthly hire arrangement for contractors to manage and control the contamination produced during the construction or refurbishment stage of a contract.

On completion of the building works our service technicians will carry out an inspection, perform air particulate tests and carry out a technical service clean (If necessary) to ensure that no contamination is in evidence.

Clean room/area certification is available to the contractor to conform with specifications and completion certificate requirements.