IT Relocation


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Whether your entire company is relocating across the country or a single department is moving across the room, Australian IT Services offers a high level of care and technical expertise for your IT equipment move, including planning and managing the whole process.

Our services include:

  • Survey & inventory identification
  • Relocation summary and timeline
  • Asset tag, dismantle and secure pack
  • Freight sensitive transport
  • Assemble, connect, test

Thorough inventory and labelling prior to disconnection and packing ensures accurate tracking and the correct allocation of equipment at your new location. We transport your equipment on specialist equipment trolleys and freight sensitive transport. We will always meet your time-line so that servers, racks, computers, phones, faxes and printers are poised to start work the moment your employees move in.


Our network and Rack engineers offer a specialised service for computer room and equipment relocation, including mapping, lead identification, disconnection, secure packing, transport, set-up, reconnection and testing. Interim secure storage facilities are available for equipment if required.