About Us

Our Mission Statement

“Our services and products may on occasion be equalled, but are never surpassed. We strive to achieve excellence in our service performance which is constant, monitored, professional and accountable.”

We are Australia’s No #1 Technical Cleaning Company providing a diverse range of specialised services including  scheduled maintenance cleaning services, remediation cleaning, office equipment hygiene services, post construction cleaning, IT relocation, clean air analysis and specialised product supply.


Our experienced management and friendly office staff will provide your company with information and solutions and introduce a quality service to your organisation that is both professional and accountable. Please contact us on 02 9331 7799.

Our service Managers, Technicians and Operators have been providing professional technical cleaning services to Data centres, IT hardware, Printers and Computer Rooms throughout Australia since 1996.

Over the years “OH&S” and “Work Safe” legislation has added significant duty of care responsibilities for employers and we have developed methods and processes to help organisations manage new legislation and the changing workplace environment.

Our *Cleancare* program, using patented anti-bacteria products and procedures, addresses health and safety concerns in the workplace, ensures optimum equipment performance, reduces illness through cross contamination and provides your equipment with an image that is essential in today’s competitive market conditions.

We can deliver a National service at competitive rates, using professionally trained, uniformed and security cleared staff who will provide you with a service solution to meet your needs.